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What is Reiki? And even if you think it’s woo-ey, it still has benefits.

So Reiki is becoming more and more popular. It can be done anywhere, anytime. Even over distances. The idea being that energy is never created nor destroyed nor is energy dependent upon time in space. It’s not linear.

So Reiki is the channeling of divine energy through one person to another for the purpose of doing the highest good for that other person, whatever that may be. The channeler cannot cure, and although called a healer is not actually doing the healing but rather assisting the other person in allowing their body to heal itself; by way of Universal energy as the person acts to be a channel for that energy into the person being treated. The Reiki practitioner is not suppose to ask for specific healing but rather just direct energy into the other for the highest good and let the highest good do what is best for that person. We cannot know what that is.

Sounds woo-ey right. I love woo-ey but lets say you don’t, you can still benefit from Reiki. How you ask? Yay! Let’s do this.

I’m gonna go all simple on ya. Basic levels of altering other people’s energy based on external stimuli. Let’s say you had a really bad day at work. Stress was rising, deadlines are due, Matt in accounting is being a real dick… you go out to dinner with a friend or your spouse maybe and you’re telling your story and complaining about the day. And that person sits and listens to you and takes your hand and holds it in theirs. Most people would say that small act of getting their holding hand held in a difficult time, brings internal feelings of comfort, safety, feeling not alone and of feeling cared for.

Now let’s say you’re having an okay morning. But, you stop at your coffee and when you’re checking out the cashier is extra smiley and happy and wishes you a wonderful day. You might leave there with a little extra pep or a smile of your own.

Or maybe you’re pulling out of the coffee shop parking lot and someone keeps honking at you. And in your rear view you can see them yelling and cursing you out, maybe giving you the finger…and not the pinky. This may cause internal feelings of anger or frustration bubbling up inside of you. Those smiley happy feelings are gone for now and anger has replaced them.

I view these all as energy transference from one person to another. An external stimuli is acting upon us and changing our internal energetic selves. It happens all day, everyday.

Now can we view Reiki from a not woo-ey place for a minute. If we put it to a more basic level.

With a Reiki treatment you either lay down or sit comfortably, preferably laying down where you can close your eyes and get settled in. Maybe some gentle soothing music is on allowing you to relax even more. You know it’s just you and your practitioner. Your practitioner may hover hands or lay hands on you in specific places. Without even thinking of chakra energetics, imagine have someone trustworthy lay hands on you. This could evoke feelings of safety, security, being cared for, loved, attended to. Maybe the longer the session went on you start to feel special, a good-humble special, to be focused on so intently. Maybe the hand positions bring attention to that specific area of the body and you realize you’re holding tension or tightness there and, you can let that go. That feels really good. You didn’t know you could be tight there. Maybe another position brings up memories of that time that guy was honking at you while you were pulling out of the coffee joint. You feel angry and then slowly, slowly it starts dissipating as you feel the calm room and loving hands upon you. You can let that go. Maybe work stress comes up while the hands are at your feet. On your feet all day running around, tired, working hard paying the bills. Slowly, slowly as this position is held maybe you feel this energy draining out of your feet and away from you. You feel your head clear, you mind become calmer. And in this calm, slow moving treatment you feel your breathe become deeper and fuller, your thoughts maybe a little less jittery or dancing around.

These simple acts of intently being present with someone and aiding them in calming down the mind-body can assist them in slowing down, turning on the rest and digest nervous system and get out of the flight-fight stress response. This is a space where our bodies can intuitively heal themselves.

Nothing woo-ey here. Just simple human touch or just human presence, with a caring-loving intention and focused attention.

And yes, if you’re saying our bodies repair themselves when we sleep you are so right! That’s why getting enough sleep is vital and we all need different amounts. That being said, if you can practice being consciously (awake) calmer and not stressed in your mind-body, your body can remember and use these skills-feelings when in times of stress to decrease the stress in the moment and decrease the length of time your body is in this stress response mode, which is not just helpful but healthier.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear what great things you’ve noticed with Reiki. I’d also love to hear any other thoughts you may have about energy healing even if they differ from mine.

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From my heart to yours,


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