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What if I didn’t think?

What if you didn’t think?

What if I didn’t think?

What if I stopped thinking and started experiencing?

What if in the quiet moments and all moments I stopping narrating a story, any story, all stories from past present and future?

What if I stopped being the narrator and allowed the experience of that moment to be whatever it is?

How different would my life be?

How different would my mind be?

How different would my body be?

How different would my experience be?

How different would my choices be? How easy would a choice become without the extra narration and rabbit hole of ‘shoulds’, ‘shouldn’ts’ and labeling of ‘good’, bad’ etc.?

This message was a gift from the Divine today as my usual mind chatter began as I sat down for my morning coffee and Divine conversation.

I sat and settled in and decided I’m not going to read today or browse my phone, I’m just going to quiet down, chat and connect with the Divine.

My mind automatically started chatting away and beginning a story as if I was talking to a crowd of people about a past event. Narrating every tiny detail, starting from the beginning.

And within a few breaths it stopped and a blessed thought came into me that said, “what if you didn’t think? What if you stopped narrating? What would that be like within your mind?”

I breathed in deeply, calmly, and paused. I let out a sigh that felt so good. I was filled with awe and wonderment. Happiness hit me in that quiet moment. Pure happiness, not happiness attached to an event or a thing.

“What if I didn’t think?”

It feels like space. It feels like peace. It feels quieter and closer to You, the Divine.

I hope to take this blessed message and continually use it fully in my life, increasingly catching myself playing the part of the narrator in my life story instead of the experiencer.

Working to be present in my life story as it’s playing out in real time, not stuck in a story repeating or being imagined in my head.

Here I am world. Present. Accountable. Full of trust and wonder at your spectacular beauty. Full of faith in myself and You.

Here I am, shedding stories I no longer need and moving ever closer to your light of pure truth and harmony of what is.

Here I am thankful and grateful for this message you have shown me. I take it in fully and am humbled by the complex simplicity of this message. I am thankful I was able to be the receiver and understand and absorb this.

Thank you Divine for all you provide for me. Thank you for the graces of Love. Trust. Faith. Safety. Beauty. Creativity. And more Love. That you fill me up with when I am unable to fill myself.

Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into my illusions that keep me separate from You and my highest self. I see them clearer now and will keep asking to become ever more clear.

All my love,


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