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We can’t always see the miracle until we shift our mindset.

We co-create our reality with Divine Source and it is true we can manifest our desires it’s just that they don’t always come the way we think they will.

I remember a story that happened to me, that really jolted me a few years ago. It seemed so simple yet was so profound.

A few years ago I was journaling and decided to write down what I wanted to manifest. I believe journaling is very powerful and it’s very magical in its effects of co-creation. I also decided to remember and repeat one of these manifestations as a daily mantra, for a few months I did this. I’d just repeat it as I was driving to and from work. Nothing crazy.

Months went by and I was getting frustrated that my ‘asking’ was going un-answered because I was diligent and well…it had been a few months! Me thinking my time line should also be the Divine time line. Ha ha. Anyhoo- one day driving to work I was repeating my mantra which was, “I’d like to receive more money without any extra work or effort on my part.”

Sounds pretty good right?! To me, what I foresaw or imagined was a sudden big raise or promotion at work, or I would start selling a bunch of paintings or prints or t-shirts or something I had already put the effort into creating so required little to no new effort. Also, imagining things like winning the lottery, which only requires the work of buying a ticket. So, that’s what was in my head.

So, I’m driving to work with months gone by and trying to stay positive and not frustrated that nothing seemed to be happening etc. when I felt something that jolted me awake and then it seemed as if I was seeing my reality with a new lens. It was right in front of me, so simple to see, yet I hadn’t seen it!

A couple months after I was journaling and saying my mantra about ME, ME, ME, I’m gonna get more money, MY, MY, MY….my husband had gotten a raise at work!!! Yes, that’s what I said, my HUSBAND GOT A RAISE AT WORK. I literally started frantically laughing and cackling in the car that day.

Oh my goodness!!! It was RIGHT THERE! It was right in front of me the whole time, but it wasn’t what I was expecting so I didn’t see it. It didn’t end up being ME that brought in more money somehow it ended up being my husband who brought in more money; and this of course benefits our whole family, me included.

BOOM. Blew my F’ing mind. I hadn’t even thought of that increase of money into our family as a manifestation of my desire to “receive more money without any extra work or effort on my part’, but that was plainly, clearly, bluntly exactly what it was. I just had to shift my perspective to see it.

I know there are reasons I didn’t see it at first, one being I know full well I have a tendency to be selfish. So, this really was a crazy awesome physical manifestation of what I had asked for and once I was able to shift my perspective away from ME, I was able to see the whole picture better and feel fully grateful for it.

Not only did I get the physical manifestation lesson, that things don’t always physically show up how you think they will or at all physically (sometimes only what you spiritually need), but it also taught me a spiritual lesson about thinking in terms of not just myself, but also the bigger picture. (and I’ve come to realize that you cannot have one without the other. The physical and spiritual worlds are intimately connected and you are always manifesting in both.)

I set this manifestation in motion because I was feeling frustrated I wasn’t delivering more financially to my family, which was why I wanted more money, and at that time I felt taxed and tapped out, which is why I was hoping for it to show up based off work I had already put in, instead of new effort. It had never occurred to me to look outside of ME, and into the bigger picture, for a manifestation that I had wanted to bring in. My ego was in the way. I had wanted it to be ME who brought this money in so I could look and feel good in front of my family. I wanted to feel better about myself and ‘because I was contributing more money’ then I would feel more valuable.

The Universe works in mysterious and magical ways and this was a lovely lesson for me. It definitely taught me to look for miracles differently. It also taught me that it’s not about ME, but what’s best for the collective whole and it’s definitely not about looking good and basing that off having more money. I learned to look for my value outside of how much money I’m bringing in. It’s still something I’m working on years later, but I can think of this example and laugh because I know it’s true. My worth, my value, the reason my family loves me, isn’t attached to money or material things. And if I am able to bring in more money then that’s great but it still will not effect my intrinsic worth. Nothing can.

I got the message and I’m still learning the lesson that self-love, self-value, self-esteem are the most important things I can work on for myself and the betterment of the bigger picture. And these come from and have to be based off my spiritual value, not material values.

The Divine speaks to us through everyday things and and the effort of co-creating could be as small as stating our intention while driving to work; after that we have to know we can not control the outcome. Outcomes just come; and we manage them. They are miracles. Everyday. We just have to look for them, and maybe shift our perspective to see better.

Thanks for joining me. I’d love to hear your stories.

From my heart to yours,


Divine writings. 11/13/20

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