Paintings & Prayers-Divine writings-Spirit letters-Universe whispers

Paintings and Prayers. So this is something that was given to me yesterday. Though I know prayers sounds religious for some people and I don’t believe you need to have a religion to be spiritual so I came up with other ways of saying it. I love all of them!

I’m thinking of creating some lovely little paintings and then channeling a simple prayer-writing-letter-whisper that comes through and typing it up and printing it on top of my aligned art work. My handwriting sucks so writing it seems out. I’m going to do this as digital downloads so someone can print it at home and have a lovely painting with a prayer over it to hang or frame.

But I do love painting on canvas too tho so what I’m thinking is as SERVICE to buy a personal canvas painting with a channeled prayer-writing print out to go with it. This would have the prayer printed separate and come with the painting.

I love this idea of channeling some Divine writings while in the creative flow and putting it together with a creatively channeled painting. The work and the words just flow in the place of alignment and beauty and love can be spread.

I believe whatever is aligned will be right. And these are feeling so aligned so I am going to play with them and discover how-when to do these or be open to what else comes. Thanks Divine, you always give me guidance.

From my heart to yours,


Divine writings. 11/7/20. Mostly un-edited.

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