My Guest spot on the Podcast-Being a Whole Person

You can give a listen or read the transcript over on her site Coaching for Creative Wellness.

So, I got the lovely chance to be a guest on the amazing, Being a Whole Person Podcast with Rebecca Haas. This was from back in August so it was really interesting to see what I had to say back then! Feels like a life time ago. Really, not much has changed and everything has changed.

I’m still discovering how I ‘want to show up with this positive energy’. I’m still making Yin Yoga, Mediation and self Reiki essentials in my weekly self care routines.

I’ve stopped putting up videos of me discussing art or wellness and just have been posting process videos of me painting with no sound.

I haven’t posted videos with Yin Yoga or Reiki because it hasn’t felt right. These are things that are essential to me but I’m not quite sure how or if I want to show up with them for others yet so I’ll just wait.

One thing I realize listening back on this is just HOW much play, fun, Imagination, creativity, energetic and spiritual wellness are the backbones of my mental health routines. Along with diet and exercise. Most of us are aware of diet and exercise but the third part of the more holistic approach to wellness, Mind, Body, Soul, The Spirit or Soul, seems to be neglected. THIS is WHERE and HOW I want to show up.

I want to show up in the world raving about how delicious and lovely it is to connect with the Divine, God, Universe, whatever you call it, for the highest good. Combining Energetic wellness, which can help you finding out where you’re draining or blocking your power/energy, and Spiritual wellness which is our connection with the Divine through mediations, prayer, Divine talks with self realization and confronting the truth of oneself plus following our intuition based on this connection and not based on our ego or fears.

I can feel it brewing. I am talking to the Divine about it and letting it go, seeing how it will manifest in the world for the highest good.

I had sooo much fun discussing creativity and wellness with Rebecca! Please give it a listen or read and let me know your thoughts or questions! From my heart to yours. Lauren

You can give a listen or read the transcript over on her site Coaching for Creative Wellness.

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