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How would I show up in the world if, I was like a painting on the wall?

A friend sent me a message the other day telling me the painting of mine she has hanging in her study has taken on a story of its own and the next time I visit she will re-introduce me to it. Wow!

These words struck me as so beautiful and enlightening. The painting I once worked on to birth into this world has taken on a life of it’s own.

I hope she doesn’t mind me copying what she wrote me so I can quote her directly, she said. “I loved the colors, and wanted to add some vibrant life to my zoom world… this is supposed to be on my wall. Turns out it IS my life. ❤️ never saw that coming!”

I’m breath-taken with the beauty of her words and with the beautiful effect of the painting.

My Heart is full of awe and wonderment. That is something i never would have thought would/could occur to anyone who hung one of my paintings or any painting for that matter. It makes sense though, there are specialities in this area of wellbeing and design such as Feng Shui, but to hear first hand how something I created into being effected someone else in a positive way is just such an amazing gift.

I’m also going to share another quote from a friend a few weeks ago; my friend bought a large painting from me and had it stretched over stretcher bars to hang on her wall. I was I blown away by how beautiful it looked in it’s new environment but more so by what my friend wrote. “Matt just told me that Mason (our 5 year old) walked into the front room… looks at the painting and says “kind of makes my life feel different.” Wow! These words melted my heart and reached into my Soul.

It makes me deepen my amazement in just how connected we are with everything, on every level. Mind. Body. Soul. It makes me deepen my amazement in how just being what/who we are is enough and can create an impact in the world.

A painting can be seen by a person and it becomes something new. It lives a new life with every view. And it’s not because the painting has changed but because things have changed around it. Different lighting, perspective, viewpoint, the person viewing it, the person viewing it at a different minute in their life. The painting remains itself. Remains the same.

Just like us, we will always be the same painting that the Divine Imagination created. It may seem like we change depending on external things such as, thoughts we are attaching to, the story we tell ourselves, where we live, who we are with, or the age of our bodies, but underneath we will always be the same perfect expression of the Divine. We do not need to change to be what we already are, perfect and whole.

And like that painting hanging on a wall, by just exuding our innate Divine-ness we may help someones day be brighter because we were filled with the grace of Love and we smiled at them. We may help someones shoulders feel a little lighter because we were filled with the grace of Listening, and we listened to them.

A question that got brought up while having a lovely chat with another friend Kerry with, The Universe Made Me Do It, is one that is helping with my expression of peace in the world around me, “Can I find peace with…” How simple, beautiful and profoundly grounding.

I add my own endings but one that I like to repeat is, “Can I find Peace, with myself, as I am, in this moment’? It’s calming and centering and brings me right to the place where I can be in this moment, let go and allow things to unfold as they will. The act of using a question rather then a statement seems to open doors for me that seemed closed before. Instead of forcing and trying to let go, I just let go.

In this calm I can connect with Imagination and know, all things are possible with the Divine. There’s paintings to be born, but there’s also new life born every day we open our eyes. What would happen if we tried to imagine our days into being, believing that any and all things are possible with the Divine.

What a beautiful connection to the highest good. We can express this beauty in each day unfolding before us and paint a new picture that only our gift of imagination can give us.

And watch how this simple change can shift our perspective. Can shift our life. Can shift how we show up in the world.

“How would I show up in the world if I believed I didn’t need to fix myself? How would I show up in the world if I wasn’t afraid to be myself? How would I show up in the world if I believed everything is as it should be in this moment, even if this moment is uncomfortable? How would I show up in the world if I focused more on radiating Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Faith?”

Ask yourself something like these questions each day and see what amazing things can happen, just by showing up, as yourself, in this moment. Just like a painting hanging on a wall, not changing what or who it is, yet radiating itself as it is, it creates change around it by being only itself. How can we be like a painting, be true to ourselves and create change by shining the light of the Divine through us and around us?

From my heart to yours,


I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know if this resonated with you and how it did? Love!

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