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How to make Abstract Art Paintings



Abstract art is really all I paint. Why abstract and what is abstract? I can’t speak technically as I’m not a professional art historian, but I can speak from experience. Abstract to me means that the painting is nonrepresentational of anything that we can recognize, such as a Dog or couch its exact form. Though things may end up looking like things in these works, they were either not on purpose or they were on purpose yet are extremely distorted, or abstracted.

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Abstract works are more emotional and raw, in my opinion. The lines, colors, gestures, are based on the thoughts or feelings that pop up from the artists head or heart at that moment that are trying to be conveyed into an overall piece. The overall message of the work is more instinctive and based on how it makes the artist or the viewer feel rather than being literal and painting an actual scene or object. And it doesn’t even have to be understood by the artist or the viewer, it’s just an expression of the moments of creation. That could take hours, days, weeks of layers here and there and it’s a culmination of these snippets of time that reflect pieces of the artists soul.

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I have a really hard time not painting abstract works. I’m a very emotional person and this comes out in my works. Painting a thing or a scene just makes me very bored because I can see it with my eyes so I don’t have an urge to recreate it. I appreciate people who can do this as it’s truly amazing and terribly talented of someone to recreate something so exactly with colors and shadows, light etc.  know a lot of work goes into them and a lot of talent. You need to know a lot of color and depth and it’s a whole big big hard thing to do that just drives me nuts. And this is only my opinion, that’s all I have and I’m in no way poo pooing this kind of art because there are pieces that I absolutely love that are representational art, it’s just not my thing to paint. That’s all I’m saying. My favorite artist is Van Gogh and he painted scenes that he saw but he painted them so uniquely, which is what fascinates me about them. They’re representational but magical and not of this world at the same time. His use of movement to textures to bring forth a feeling of the sky as opposed to painting it as it exactly was, its phenomenal.


There is no one way to make art. And finding your art voice may be easy for some and harder for others. Personally, I don’t have a signature style yet, I just go where the flow of the piece takes me and each time it usually comes out pretty different, but that’s also what makes it rewarding and fun for me. Maybe one day I’ll find something that I just can’t help but to do over and over in a way but slightly different but for now it’s just fun and play for me and the thrill of not knowing. I have started to do a lot more scrape paintings and as of now, I’m addicted so I’ll just follow that road and see where it goes. It may be my thing, it may be my thing for now. You knows! We will see. Just gotta go with it.

Some abstract art is mixed media and others aren’t. Some are very moving and powerful and others are lines and splats. Making art is something that should feel good for you and come from a place of exploration and excitement. A process and a journey to find the art that is wanting and waiting to come to life. I view it as, we are just a channel, a catalyst in aiding this creativity to be born.

Making abstract art is simple and it’s hard. It’s more simple then hard but the hard part is mainly getting out of your own way, out of your own head, and just making art. Over and over and over. Just make art. It really is that simple. Anyone can do it yet so many of us can’t seem to get out of our heads and let the paint flow. So many of us can’t let go of our perfectionism and see the beauty and rewards in playing with colors, blending, mixing, layering and the freedom that can come from just making things. Perfect or imperfect each layer is an invitation to be in this moment in this world. To connect with the creative flow.

Creating abstract art is simple but it’s not always easy. If you think of it as playful and fun and like a conversation, but instead of using words you use lines, shapes, colors and textures. What does each layer say and how is the whole speaking through? Trying to control things sometimes leads to frustration instead of results.

Sit down with some paints and paper or canvas. Just start. Maybe mix some colors and see what happens. If you end up with mud, now you know how to make mud and you keep playing.

There’s no secret formula or recipe. There’s numerous styles and techniques and the only way to know how to make abstract paintings is to MAKE ABSTRACT PAINTINGS. You’ll find what you like or don’t like. What works for you and doesn’t. Just make it and don’t let your head tell you you’re not good enough or your art isn’t art. If you’re making art, you’re an artist and all art is good for where you are at. And as you play and practice, you get better. And you’re art is equally as good for where you are. It’s really our minds that keep us trapped so work on that and keep playing and practicing and making. This is the art process and THIS is where magic happens.

JUST KEEP MAKING and creating. This is key!

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading and spending your time with me.

From my heart to yours,


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