Divine Alignment- through Divine talks, Mystical Imagination & Faith

Turn off your mind and turn on your SOUL; for there isn’t anything more powerful than a SOUL filled with FAITH!

Something I talk about as being the most important in my painting process is not letting fear stop me from experimenting or trying something and allow the painting to unfold as it will instead of trying to control it. To play and have fun and not attach to the outcome of what I ‘think’ it should look like. This is an intuitive process and this is the process I incorporate into my paintings and my life and I call it Divine Alignment.

What is Divine Alignment? It is NOT religious and you don’t have to believe in a certain God a certain way. It IS Spiritual and works with connecting to our deeper Inner Self/Spirit/Soul/Intuition. It is simple in theory, it’s choosing faith over fear. YES!!!!

Whichever way we can choose to understand and live with faith over fear, is the way.

DIVINE ALIGNMENT is not something you achieve, it is something you work with and allow everyday. Can I find peace, with myself, as I am, in this moment? This question is an example of what I call, Divine talks. It is in this moment, now, that we can start to shift ourselves into alignment. Then release into the highest good and have faith all will be revealed when it is time. We can us our mystical imagination to believe and imagine all the good possibilities and remember that anything is possible with the Divine. Mystical Imagination is believing anything truly IS possible and not just our negative nelly thoughts about what could happen, but things we can’t even think of ARE possible and using our imagination to dream up and know that anything can be created is amazing for the art process just as much as our life process!

I know sometimes when I’m painting I get these ‘thoughts’ or ‘feelings’ that come, sometimes when I’m trying to connect with the painting or I’m starting to feel stuck with a painting, these thoughts come to me that just open up my entire world and mind and it’s so amazing. The thoughts are literally my mystical imagination saying, “you can create ANYTHING right now. There is endless possibility. Stop trying to figure it out and just create.” Words don’t do this feeling justice. It’s a full knowing that there is nothing I couldn’t create, there’s no rules or structure to follow or something it has to look like. I can literally create anything! It’s so freeing and marvelous. And thisssssss, this is also true for everyday life! When you fully realize that, how amazing is that?

So, I’m not religious at all, but I’m spiritual and open to believing in things I cannot experience with my 5 senses, the metaphysical world. I have had some very unexplainable happenings in my life and it took me years and years to be able to get clear about how important faith, and this belief in things I cannot see, is in my life. I always attached faith to a strict religion, which kept this wonder at bay from me, but faith is free for any one of us to use to better our life journey.

Besides using painting and my mystical imagination, another driving force for Divine alignment is prayer, or as I call it Divine talks. And again, no it’s not religious. Diving talks, Meditation, tapping into your intuition, detaching from the mind chatter, are tools that can help us open up to connecting with something deeper than these constant thought spirals we take as real life. Or cutting through the ‘thought traps’, as I call them. Oh and they are tricky those thought buggers. They seem SO real!

I went to school and got my Master’s in Acupuncture and Asian medicine using acupuncture and herbals/supplements to help myself and others. This is great. I used nutrition and food as medicine. This is great. I used daily Qi gong for moving meditation and wellbeing. This is great. I’ve practiced Massage therapy and I get massage therapy. This is great. I use Yoga and Yin yoga and meditation to focus my mind and calm my anxieties. This is great. I’ve used talk therapy to help deal with pains and traumas. This is great. I still use most of these tools as part of my whole wellness lifestyle… but even using these forms of healing I still felt like something was missing.

And for me there was. It was the Divine. The Spirit. The Soul. I didn’t realize connecting with this, would change my life. And i found this connection through reading, learning, painting, meditating and Divine talks. And how did I not connect with it through all those modalities I listed…I just didn’t. I got close but…

I had felt like this world of talking to the Divine and asking for assistance was a world that I wasn’t allowed in because I wasn’t religious. I could be in the ‘energy’ world or physical world or the ‘spiritual’ world but in that context spirit just meant, Meditating with guided breathing or muscle relaxation, Good Vibes, Manifesting, or Positive Affirmations. I am not knocking any of them because I still resonate with all those things and use them, but it wasn’t until I let myself be FULL OF FAITH, surrendering control, in mind-body and spirit that what I needed was revealed to me. I feel fully connected when I started talking to the Divine, asking for assistance to fill up my energy body with what I needed in that moment. I let go of my anxieties into the great unknown and let go of the perceived control that was wrapping my mind in knots. After years of painting and going in and out of a spiritual life, the painting process along with life events led me to understand FAITH better, choosing faith over fear and the amazing freedom of being in each moment fully present and ‘not afraid to mess it up.’ Painting opened up my Spiritual life and made it make sense for me. I think we all can have this gift and it is revealed in ways that make sense for us.

Who are you talking to? Yeah, I can see why you’d ask especially if you’re not religious like me. Who in the heck are you talking to? Well, I kinda think it doesn’t matter in a way. It doesn’t matter if we know or understand what the higher power is or isn’t. What does matter is that we know we are sacred and part of the bigger sacred web of all things. It’s the act of connecting to something bigger than you and surrendering control that is important. I believe we are in an energetic web, so to speak, and we are all connected, I mean even physics seems to think so too. We are all energetic beings. We have this brain that has thoughts and feelings and it’s so complex. We make our world different depending on what’s going on in there and we have the power to change it too. So, when I ‘talk’ to the Divine and ask for assistance, I’m talking to my inner self and the web of all connection and by doing that I’m surrendering control. Surrendering the control that my mind has over me and the thoughts that seem so real, but aren’t, surrendering to the larger web that I cannot ‘see’ or know because it’s way bigger than me plus the thought traps keep me stuck in a mental circus. This act of surrender bypasses our ego and our grip on needing to control everything. By asking for help we are surrendering from our all consuming fears, angers, griefs etc.that take control over us and don’t let us see clearly and have peace. This is why it feels like we can’t fill up our cup from within, because we are disconnected from our true selves and from the connection we have to all things. By asking for assistance or to be shown what to do for the highest good, that simple act can lay down our mind made barriers and allow our energy to connect again in a positive manner. It can re-connect us to love, faith, kindness, trust etc.; and allowing these things fills us up from within and connects us with all life, in this large web and we find deep peace, clarity, tranquility and love.

It’s so freeing and wonderful and grounding and centering!

How would I show up right now if I did not let fear dictate my actions in this moment?

Can I be okay with feeling fear and being uncomfortable and ask for courage and perseverance to get me through the fearful time?

Can I surrender to what is and can I be okay with not understanding why things happen or how things will happen?

“Following your Intuition doesn’t always mean it’s going to be easy, but it will always feel right!” Lauren

If this resonates with you, you’ll just know.

I think we all need more spirit connection in our lives and this can help us heal ourselves. Medical doctors work at the body level and psychologists work at a mind level, the SPIRITUAL or metaphysical avenue works at a spirit level.

Spirit work relaxes your body physically, your mind/thoughts mentally and your whole energy is more at peace and this increases the body’s natural healing abilities. (you’re in a parasympathetic rest & digest state, without the stress hormones high all the time your body can better repair itself when awake and asleep). This helps you feel less pain, less stress, less anxious, less lost and more grounded, calm, joyful, playful with deep peace and clarity. This helps you enjoy more fun in everyday life.   

I would LOVE to connect with you!

From my heart to yours,


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