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Creativity and Healing


Creativity is a joy. Using your imagination is like developing and delving into your own personal worlds, created by you in any way you can imagine. How you’re creative doesn’t matter. There’s so many forms of expression and creativity. Drawing, photos, painting, doing an intuitive yoga flow. Whatever it is, just do it. Just start doing it.

Don’t think too much, this gets in the way of the work. At least for me. This is what draws me to abstract art. It’s combination of creativity and healing. That’s why I’m drawn to it, because I’m a ‘head’ person. Always in my head and thinking and trying to know ‘why’ and understand things, so my creativity is a way to tap into a deeper me. Getting out of my thinking mind and into my feelings and intuitive insights that can be called forth into spontaneous expression. An act of letting go and a taking over of the intuitive and imaginative mind. This is also a place of healing.

It’s a lovely spot that blends creativity with healing. A way of getting into our parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest, and allowing ourselves to slow down and just be. Be in each moment and see what organically, beautifully unfolds. This is the abstract art process for me. It can be different for everybody, but this is mine and it works for me. Other people might find that they can get the same results painting or drawing realism with color mixing etc. but for me abstract works best. I think too much with realism. It doesn’t flow for me. We’re all different. Even if it’s realism or some other form of creativity such as paint by numbers, it’s more about allowing yourself to go with the flow. Allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the process. Enjoy each color you mix or each shape you color in. Enjoy the color, let it spark your imagination or memories of lovely times you saw that red in a beautiful sunset. Be here, breathe deep and don’t rush.

So, just start. Just get some art supplies that work for you and your budget and let go of your control and allow yourself to just play and make and have fun. Not only are you having fun, your also staying healthy and happy! Here is an inexpensive paint option you can use for dripping, scraping, smearing or splatting! I use these when I need to feel creative and I’m not feeling it because I don’t have to worry about cost and I can just create and get out of my head. (affiliate link) Just start creating and you’ll feel the difference.

For more art supplies at a great cost, visit Blick Art Materials here and you’re also supporting me through the affiliate link. Many thanks. And let’s get creating!

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading and spending your time with me.

From my heart to yours,



P.S. This site contains affiliate links that provide a small commission to me at no extra cost to you. Many thanks!

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