A simple divine lesson about not letting my past dictate my present actions.

Sometimes our past is the reason we make decisions as we do right now. A lesson I’ve been learning is that although the past might seem to look the same, it is in fact very different than right now. I can think that right now is going to turn out like that past because that’s an association I have with the feelings or thoughts that seem so familiar but in reality the situations may seem as if there are similarities but they are very different as well as I am very different.

Something that really knocked me on the head with this point home, so to speak, was given to me yesterday. A little Divine gift. Rather a huge gift I beg to say and it was given in such a simple yet profound way. As only the Divine can do.

I was reading a book by my favorite Author and teacher Caroline Myss, Intimate Conversations with the Divine, (I’ll put a link to the book) and just for a few moments I got lost in my thoughts, as we do, and my eyes weren’t looking at the pages. Within what felt like a few seconds I realized I was thinking and not reading anymore and I looked back down to my paragraph. I picked up where I left off but was completely confused by what I was reading. It made no sense!

I backed up further to the above paragraph and started there. Again, I was confused and getting rather frustrated. It was only a few seconds that I was lost in thought and thought about what I had just read, which was none of this! Am I going mad? What is going on here? Okay, let’s try again. I re read the paragraph againnnnnn and with no success at understanding how this fit into what I had been reading. It was as if everything looked the same but nothing about it was the same at all! !!!!! I think you may see here where I am going. 🙂

So shaking my head a bit confused, frustrated and wondering what was going on I sat back and looked at the whole page. Yup, it was the wrong page. I could tell after taking a breath because I knew what I was reading about it is wasn’t under this title or header or words etc. So I flipped the pages and found that I was actually two pages ahead of that.

So the words seemed familiar because I had read them before. The page seemed familiar because the pages all look the same in formatting and outline but nothing in the context or meaning or myself was the same.

I had inadvertently flipped backwards to something I had already done/read and was trying to make it congruent with and fit into my present and it couldn’t’, it just couldn’t!


This tiny little accident was a huge ah ha for me. Like a BIG lesson in what my thinking brain does to try to figure out problems or issue right now, it goes to the only thing it knows which is the past, but the past is NOT right now and cannot get or be congruent with right now, it cannot fit into Right now because although there may be similarities in what/how/who/feelings/thoughts whatever, there is nothing about then that IS right now!

Yes, we can learn from the past but it doesn’t serve us to make decisions based on the past. Seems counterintuitive almost right? We want to ‘know’ what’s going to happen. Have a formula. Have the equation all laid out. It doesn’t work like that. There’s too many differing factors. We can use our past decisions to see how we responded and try to respond differently now. Did we respond and act our of fear? Where did that get us? Did we respond and act our of faith? Where did this get us? In this current choice or situation we can remember to respond to it and ourselves with faith and love, confidence and courage so that we know we are in the flow with our best selves and higher selves. And we can remember basing a decision from a past event and thinking it’s going to generate the same outcome today, just isn’t so. I keep learning this lesson and this little book incident made this lesson really really clear for me.

So, although it may look like we are on the same page, if we try to read from the past and have it fit into our NOW experience congruently as if the words can be strung together, we will not be able to make the proper aligned connected decision based on the current circumstances and our current selves.

Thank you for reading my little book incident about not letting my past dictate my present actions. I’d love to hear from you.

From my hear to yours,


Divine writings- minimally edited.

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