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"Intuition isn't here for us to have a beautiful outcome, it's here for us to have a beautiful journey"! Lauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I play, connect with the Divine, follow my Intuition and create Large Intuitive Abstract paintings.

Inspired by the Abstract Expressionism, Color field paintings, Gestural art and styles of Frankenthaler. Rothko. Pollock. Richter. To name a few.  

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I love abstract art because it gets me out of my thinking mind and taps into my feelings and imagination. I work on an intuitive bases and try to allow the painting to unfold as it wants to. I do some planning and often have images of colors or shapes in my mind that I may incorporate in the beginning or along the process, but I work at allowing the process to unfold as it will without getting too attached to previous thoughts about color or composition nor let my fear of 'ruining it' stop me from trying something that comes to me. It's a dance. A play of allowing each moment to unfold and allowing the painting that wants to come forth, instead of my idea of the painting.

This is why the process is just as important as the end piece for me. I feel the work is allowing the energy, the lessons of what I perceive as beauty or ugliness in each moment and try to allow all of them to be and let that moment flow into the creation of the next.
I love making art. Painting lights up my heart with joy and I feel so connected with purpose and meaning. It's not always easy, of course, sometimes I work through the feelings of inadequacy or 'everything is shit' and I just keep going. I know there are times when it'll flow and times I just have to show up because that's what I do. I always find lessons even in the days I feel off.

My end results are less about how it looks specifically and more about the feelings it evokes. I like the feeling of a contrasting, interest provoking painting yet with balance between static strong opaque areas of color and moving lines and parts. I'm drawn to the surreal effect of getting lost in a painting and also realizing you’re just looking at a piece of colored canvas. 

A little about me, I’m a self taught New Jersey based artist. I fell in love with abstract art years ago and it changed my life. I grew up around art and artists because my dad owned an art supply store but I never thought that I'd be an artist. I loved painting, crafts, building things and making home movies, but for some reason I never thought about a career in the arts. I came back to painting after hurting my neck and having to stop my work with Acupuncture and Massage. I went into a funk for awhile and then I started painting with an old sample paint set I had, probably from my dads store. It was like a bolt of lightening went through me. I didn't understand why I hadn't been doing this my whole life. It just fit. It just made sense. It also helped calm my anxiety and made me feel happy, excited and inspired! I was having fun and playing just like I did when I was younger. I felt free and full of mystery and possibility. I haven't stopped painting since. I hope that excitement comes through in my pieces.

I have an AS in Business and a dual Masters in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine; I have my Massage License in NJ.I have my Yoga Teacher Training certificate and am Yin Yoga certified. Yin Yoga is my jam! Love it. I also have my Reiki Master certification. I've been an ordained Minister for many years and have been on my spiritual path for 20 + years. I am continually deepening my non-denominational faith practice with the Divine through Meditation and Divine talks/prayer. So yeah, I'm a big wellness nerd. Energy work, Spiritual medicine and using Divine connection among other things are an important part of my daily life. And all this positive energy is infused in all my paintings. Hopefully to spread love, beauty and happiness to all.

Nature is another big influence in my life. I love being outside for walks or hikes or paddle-boarding. I need time in nature to feel well and whole. And this love of nature is another thing that influences my artwork.

All these elements are parts that make up the whole of me. Of course there are many more but these are some things that will shine through in my finished work and my art process. Thanks for getting to know me.

If there is anything you need or any questions you may have please reach out and message me and I'd be happy to help you.

Thanks! From my heart to yours,


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